Correctional labor
(Episodes 2-8)

Production: 1-2-3 Production, Eight Production
Producer: Stanislav Bulov
Director: Roman Artemiev
Cinematographer: Eugene Verenyov
Production designer: Evgeniy Vikhlyaev
1-st AD: Alina Koroleva
Gafer: Pavel Khalitov
Dolly: Dmitry Meretsky
Colorist: Ivan Dorogavtsev
Camera rental: PAAP Cinema Rental

Max, who is serving correctional labor in a hospital, suddenly receives strange messages on his phone. An unknown person is ready to help him pay off a large debt to the criminal world. Soon Max realizes that the messages are mysteriously coming from a comatose patient, in whose room he washes the floors. The patient offers to drop significant sums on Max's phone if he follows his instructions. And Max decides to try, but without realizing what consequences this will lead to.